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Modern free-standing stoves are a far cry from the old-fashioned stoves found in your grandparent’s house. Combining innovative technology with exquisite, contemporary design, today’s heating stoves are a beautiful & efficient choice for any home. Denver and the Front Range area homeowners can choose from wood stoves, pellet stoves, or gas heating stoves for a fuel source that fits their heating needs & preferences. No matter what fuel type you choose, free-standing stoves offer a number of universal benefits that have made them extremely popular with mindful homeowners.

Stoves have become an efficient way to heat your home and new, clean-burning technology has made them an eco-conscious alternative to open burning fireplaces. If you want to cut your heating costs during the cold winter months but still want a unit that is easy to use & operate, a wood, gas, or pellet stove is a great option. At our expansive showroom located in Conifer CO, just a short drive from Colorado Springs, Denver, & Boulder, homeowners can find a wonderful selection of today’s top-rated heating stoves. We offer everything from classic wood burners to highly efficient pellet stoves. Our expert staff can give you detailed information on the benefits & features of each unit.

Wood burning stove - installed on Pine Drive Evergreen COWood Stoves

Wood stoves are one of the most popular choices for homeowners in the greater Denver area. Our EPA-certified wood stove units meet or exceed strict emission requirements and the modern designs ensure that your new stove will be not only efficient but beautiful as well. Enjoy the ambiance, aroma, and soft crackle of burning logs just like a wood fireplace but with the added efficiency and easy operation of a stove. Whether you want to zone heat your favorite space or warm your entire house, a wood stove offers the heat output that you need.


Gas Heating Stoves - Aspen Pines Hearth StoreGas Stoves

Gas offers a level of convenience that is unmatched by other fuel types. When it comes to ease-of-use and low maintenance requirements, gas stoves are the perfect choice for busy homeowners. Light your stove with a flip of a switch and control fan speed, flame height, & heat output with a remote control or automatic thermostat. These contemporary appliances come in a number of styles & designs. From traditional to rustic or steel, stone, or cast iron, you can find a unit that perfectly complements your current home décor. With flexible venting options, gas stoves can be installed in locations that are not practical for their wood-burning counterparts.

Enerzone Pellet Stove - Top rated Pellet HeatersPellet Stoves

When it comes to eco-friendly heating alternatives, nothing beats a pellet stove. Wood pellet fuel is made up of renewable, recycled materials including wood scraps, sawdust, & wood chips that would otherwise end up in a landfill. The low moisture content of these pellets allows them to burn more efficiently than wood logs which is why pellet stoves surpass wood stoves in energy efficiency and heat output. No more splitting and stacking wood or feeding the fire every hour. Pellets are available in large bags that can be fed into the pellet stove’s hopper, allowing the stove to operate for up to 24 hours with no intervention. These heating powerhouses can heat your entire home or can be used as a zone heater to reduce your energy use during the cold weather season.

Local residents can count on us for the best selection of wood stoves, gas stoves, and pellet stoves in the greater Denver area, including Conifer CO, Aspen Park, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Salida, Sedalia, West Pleasant View, and the surrounding towns & communities in Jefferson County, Denver County, Northern Douglas County, and more.