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If you are looking for a great heat source, consider choosing a pellet stove. Enjoy relaxing by a wood-fueled fire but get the clean-burning convenience & incredible heat efficiency that a wood stove cannot offer. These smart, easy to use pellet stoves are not only convenient, but they are also true heating powerhouses, which help homeowners cut heating costs during the coldest months. It’s easy to see why so many homeowners have been choosing pellet stoves as a heating alternative.

About Wood Pellet Fuel

Pellets are created from recycled wood chips, sawdust, wood scraps, and other wood byproducts all compressed into tiny pellets that often resemble rabbit food. They are clean-burning, have high heat output, and are much easier to store than firewood. An entire winter’s supply of pellets for an average-sized home only takes up a space approximately 6’ x 6’ x 6’. Easily store your pellets in a dry area in your basement, utility room, shed, or garage. Make sure to choose premium-grade pellets to produce less ash and generate more heat.

Pellet Stoves - Easy & Convenient Operation

Best Selection of Pellet Stoves - Conifer COPellet stoves are by far the most efficient stove on the market. But that’s not the only great thing about them. The easy operation of a pellet stove is one of their most attractive features. Simply pour the pellets into the stove’s hopper and let the smart technology do the rest. Pellets will continuously be fed into the burn pot based on the amount of heat you’d like to produce and the stove then produces a steady, consistent warmth for hours at a time. No need to constantly tend to the fire or add more firewood, unlike a wood-burning stove.

Stop by our fireplace & stove shop in Conifer CO to view some of our favorite pellet stoves on display. Our friendly & knowledgeable staff will help you understand the differences between the various pellet stove models & pellet fuel and answer any questions you have on installation requirements and more. Only a short drive from Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs, you’ll be glad you choose to purchase a pellet stove from Inglenook Fireplaces.

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