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Professional installation is recommended for a variety of reasons. Fireplace inserts are designed to be installed inside the opening and firebox of your pre-fab or masonry fireplace. Special venting considerations are involved, as well. The best way to ensure the safe and efficient operation is by having trained experts install your new heating system. Another consideration is that professionals have a thorough understanding and knowledge about local building restrictions and codes. We work with qualified contractors who will coordinate professional installation of your new wood fireplace insert, gas insert, or pellet insert.

Pellet Fireplace Inserts Denver, CO

Denver CO Pellet InsertA pellet fireplace insert is likely the favorite choice for anyone devoted to protecting the environment. Pellet inserts are innovative appliances that have heating efficiencies higher than 80%. In other words, only 20% or less of the heat from the fires goes up the chimney instead of providing warmth to your home. Pellet fireplace inserts are fueled with highly compacted pellets that contain wood waste. Wood shavings, sawdust, tree bark, and other wood products that would otherwise be discarded make up the contents of the pellets. A hopper is used to steadily move pellets into the burn pot or combustion chamber. A small amount of electricity is required to operate pellet fireplace inserts. With a backup power system, you can still enjoy heat when the electricity goes out. It is rarely necessary to clean out ashes because the combustion is so complete. Many pellet appliances have been designated as being essentially smoke-free, due to their efficiency.

Wood Fireplace Inserts Denver, CO

Wood fireplace inserts also have high-efficiency ratingsBeautiful Wood Insert & Insert Installation Denver CO of about 80% or more. It’s always a good move to have an insert installed in a masonry fireplace. Traditional fireplaces may have 10% efficiency, at most. Due to air lost up the chimney throughout the year, some estimates put masonry fireplaces at negative efficiency. Installing a wood fireplace insert changes all of that. You still get the aroma and authenticity of real burning logs. The flames inside a wood fireplace insert are as pleasant to watch as they are in a traditional fireplace, although there is a glass door. There are many models to choose from in our showroom. If you stop by, you can see some in full operation.

Gas Fireplace Insert Denver, CO

Gas Fireplace Insert Denver CO areaThe convenience of a gas fireplace insert tops all other types of fuel. There are low maintenance requirements, with the high-tech designs of today. Many homeowners have found that a gas fireplace insert is ideal. The fact that there are no logs to chop or haul is considered a big plus. Get the flames started with the press of a button or flip of a switch. With professional installation, gas fireplace inserts have efficiency ratings of 82% or more. You can choose to have flames with faux logs, fiberglass, or river rock. Heat output and flames are adjustable, and you can also choose to have accent lighting, fans, and blowers.

Come by our showroom to see the many beautiful pellet fireplace inserts, wood inserts, and gas inserts. Whether you live in Denver, CO, Littleton, Centennial, Lakewood, the Front Range Region, or elsewhere in the entire area, we hope you will stop by. There are many beautiful appliances that you can choose from to increase your home heating efficiency when the weather gets cold.

Wood Insert near Littleton CO and Denver areaPellet fireplace inserts, gas inserts, and wood inserts are available in a wide range of models at Inglenook Fireplaces at 26731 Main Street in Conifer, CO. In Littleton, Colorado, Denver, Centennial, the Front Range Region, Lakewood, and throughout the entire Greater Denver area, there is no better selection of gas fireplace inserts, wood inserts, and pellet inserts than in our massive showroom.

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