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Gas fireplaces have become extremely popular with homeowners who enjoy the cozy feel & warm atmosphere of a fireplace but don’t want to deal with the hassle & upkeep of a wood-burning unit. The convenient features & versatile installation requirements make gas fireplaces a great option for just about any household.

Startup your fireplace with a touch of a button or flip of a switch. No more gathering firewood and coxing a flame to start! Enjoy radiant heat that warms up your favorite space quickly & efficiently with these modern heating appliances. At Inglenook Fireplaces, we are committed to providing beautiful ways to effectively heat your home, and our selection of gas fireplaces is unmatched in the Greater Denver area.

Clean & Efficient Gas Fireplace Heating

One of the best features of a gas fireplace is the ability to heat with a clean-burning, highly efficient fuel source. Gas is an excellent choice for homeowners who are environmentally friendly & financially conscious. While open burning wood fireplaces often lose most of the heat they produce up & out the chimney, a gas fireplace offers an efficient heating alternative. Depending on the model & size, a gas fireplace can have an efficiency rating ranging from 77% to 82% which beats out almost any wood-burning unit. Many homeowners utilize their gas fireplace to zone heat their most used rooms so they can turn down their furnace and save on their energy bills during the cold winter months. If you’d like to find out more about using a gas fireplace to supplement your current heating system, stop by our expansive showroom in Conifer Colorado and speak with one of our heating & fireplace experts.

Customizable Gas Fireplaces

Modern gas fireplaces offer a number of convenient features & customizable options that only increase their appeal to discerning homeowners. From a traditional feel to modern & chic, gas fireplaces come in a range of styles, finishes, and shapes. Homeowners can also choose between traditional gas log sets or a more contemporary centerpiece such as fiberglass, river rock, and more. Convenient features such as adjustable flame height, backlighting, fan speed, heat output, and remote control are only the tip of the iceberg. While options vary from model to model, with our selection you are sure to find a gas fireplace in the style you want with the features on your wish list.

Gas Fireplaces Require Less Maintenance

Bedroom Gas Fireplace InstallationOne of the biggest selling points for a gas fireplace would be the maintenance and upkeep required. Unlike a wood fireplace that requires constant cleaning, a never-ending source of fuel that has to be cut, chopped, & stored, and a fire that needs to be poked and prodded in order to stay lit, a gas fireplace requires very little maintenance. An annual checkup to make sure everything is clean and functioning as it should is all that is required of these easy appliances.

All in all, gas fireplaces are quite popular and it’s not hard to see why! When it comes time to purchase a gas fireplace, remember that Inglenook Fireplaces is the perfect place to visit. Our staff is full of industry knowledge that you won’t find at a big box store and our trained employees can answer all of your questions regarding model selection, installation, and service. Our expert installers will ensure that your new gas fireplace is set up correctly and safely so you can enjoy a beautiful burning fireplace for years to come.

Drop by our showroom and compare and contrast gas fireplaces side by side and view the beauty & functionality of these incredible fireplaces in person. We can discuss all of the benefits that a gas fireplace can offer and can guide you to the best fireplace for your heating needs & lifestyle.

Inglenook is the hearth store of choice for gas fireplaces in the Greater Denver area, including Conifer CO, Como, Sedalia, Buena Vista, Central City, Aspen Park, Pagosa Springs, and all of Jefferson County, Denver County, Park County, and more.