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Modern fireplace designs are much more than just a way to heat your home. With increased usage and functionality, a new fireplace offers an innovative, cost-effective, and beautiful way to not only warm the air in your favorite space but also increase the beauty & ambiance of your home. The addition of a fireplace can turn a boring room into a coveted gathering & entertaining space for your family and visitors.

As a full-service hearth store, we strive to offer the best buying experience possible. Customers can browse our expansive showroom to compare their favorite brand’s side by side and have all of their questions answered by real, industry experts. We sell, install, and service a wide range of fireplaces, including wood-burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces, and electric fireplaces. Offering only the very best products from top manufacturers, homeowners can rest assured that they are getting top-quality fireplaces that will perform efficiently and last for years to come.

We have a range of fireplaces in different styles & sizes so you can find the perfect unit for your space, whether that would be a living room, bedroom, bathroom, or family room. Enjoy the warmth & ambiance of a top-rated fireplace & increase the appeal of your home all at the same time. Stop by our showroom in Conifer CO to see our beautiful selection in person.

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The authenticity, aroma, sound & sights produced by a wood-burning fireplace are unmatched by any other style of fireplace. The aromatic scent, dancing flames, & smoldering logs offer an appeal that can’t be beaten on cold, winter nights. Inglenook Fireplaces has a large selection of wood fireplaces, from decorative to high efficiency to zero-clearance units. Whether you are adding a brand new fireplace to your favorite space or you are upgrading a worn-out, inefficient unit, you can find the perfect wood fireplace to meet your heating needs. There are plenty of customizable options that will ensure your new wood fireplace will compliment your current décor and our expert installers can help turn your new appliance into the fireplace of your dreams.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas Fireplace - Top rated gas burning fireplacesGas fireplaces have become extremely popular with busy homeowners in the Greater Denver area. The minimal maintenance requirements and instant fire appeal to many people who feel that wood fireplaces are a hassle to start and maintain. The ease and simplicity that a gas fireplace offers make them the most convenient and versatile heating appliances on the market. These incredible fireplaces can fit into almost any room in your home thanks to their size, style, and flexible venting options. There are dozens of customizable options & features available, including lighting accents, adjustable flame height, and heat output, thermostat control, and high power blowers. Stop by our showroom to browse our selection of gas-burning fireplaces and view your favorite units in person.

Electric Fireplace installation - S Broadway Littleton CAElectric Fireplaces

You don’t need to have a chimney to enjoy the warmth and beauty of a fireplace. With an electric fireplace, you can add instant ambiance and warmth to your favorite space. These fireplaces run on electricity alone and require no venting or chimney to operate. Simply plugin and begin enjoying your fireplace immediately. No mess, no hassle, and no maintenance required. These appliances can be used year-round since most models can run with or without the heating element. Since they do not require venting, they can be installed in any room or small space as long as there is access to an electrical outlet. Even better – these appliances cost only pennies a day to operate and can be transported from space to space or home to home. Already have a fireplace? You can still enjoy the ease and simplicity of an electric fireplace by choosing an insert that will fit right into the existing fireplace opening.

Residents in Denver visit our expansive showroom to find the best selection of wood-burning, gas, & electric fireplaces. Serving the West Denver Metro and Conifer CO, Pine, Ken Caryl, Englewood, Golden, and Castlerock CO, along with the surrounding areas of Jefferson County, Denver County, and Western Arapahoe County.