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A Fireplace Adds Lots of Value to Your Home

home-fireplaceIf you are looking for ways to increase the value of your home in the Denver area, a fireplace is a smart investment. A fireplace has consistently been in homebuyers’ top list of amenities for years. About 46 percent of homebuyers surveyed by the National Association of Realtors said they are willing to pay more for a fireplace. You could boost your home’s value by up to 12,000 by installing a gas or wood-burning fireplace. For homes with an existing fireplace, updating the fireplace face and mantel can help your home move faster.

Why homeowners love fireplaces

A fireplace is a practical and attractive addition to a home. It is a natural focal point that draws the attention of anyone who enters the room even when the fire is out. Lightening up the fireplace changes the ambiance of the room. It makes it feel cozy and welcoming. The warm atmosphere and architectural statement created by a fireplace play a large role in why buyers look for this amenity.

Fireplaces have also become a popular alternative heat source for homeowners who want to reduce their energy costs and environmental impact. High-efficiency factory-built fireplaces and inserts can produce as much heat as a small furnace. EPA-certified models meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s clean air standards. They produce little to no emissions making them an environmentally friendly heat source. Many home buyers would like to use their fireplace to zone heat the main living space in their home for these reasons.

Choosing a fireplace for your home Fuel Type

home-fireplacesThe most important question you need to answer when choosing a fireplace is what fuel you’d like to use. Wood is the least expensive and most environmentally friendly option, but it is also the least convenient. If you install a wood-burning fireplace in your home, you will need a covered area outside where firewood can be stacked. Since it will require a chimney, keep in mind that it can only be installed in a room that can accommodate one.

Gas isn’t as environmentally friendly since it isn’t a renewable resource like wood, but it offers more convenience. You don’t need to worry about a woodpile or a chimney. The vent pipe for a gas fireplace can usually be run through a wall or ceiling. Since gas fireplaces require less ventilation, they can be installed where a wood fireplace couldn’t be.

Before purchasing a new fireplace, be sure to find out the municipal building codes in your area. Your area may have specific requirements for the chimney height, limits on fireplace emissions and other construction requirements that you must meet for masonry or factory-built fireplace. If you choose a factory-built fireplace, you can find low-emission, EPA-certified models for either fuel type.


Homebuyers are attracted to sleek, modern fireplaces even in older or rustic homes. If you already have a fireplace but it has an outdated appearance, investing in a new mantel or fireplace face can make it appeal to more buyers. New fireplaces are available in a wide range of attractive styles that can complement your décor and appeal to buyers. When you choose a gas fireplace, you often have the option to customize the appearance of the firebox from the backdrop to the faux log set.


The value of a fireplace varies depending on your home’s location and other amenities. It could be exactly what your home needs to appeal to homebuyers in Denver’s competitive market. Investing $1,000 to $4,000 on a wood-burning fireplace or $2,000 to $3,000 on a gas fireplace could increase your home value by much more. Stop Inglenook Fireplaces to see the best selection of fireplaces in Denver or talk to one of our experts about a fireplace makeover. We would be happy to share our expertise with you so that you can find the perfect fireplace to increase your home’s value.