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7 Distinct Ideas for Updating your Brick Fireplace with a Makeover

denver co brick fireplace makeover and remodelA fireplace is a focal point in any room, but that is not always a good thing. What was considered an ideal fireplace at the time your home was built could now look unattractive and completely outdated. A fireplace fireplace makeover could provide just the transformation you dream of for your home interior.


The brick fireplace surround could be painted in any color, providing a look that complements your décor. Although a fireplace makeover can be elaborate and incorporate a wide range of materials and techniques, the desired update can sometimes be achieved with a simple can of paint and a brush.

2-Tiles / Faux Tiles

If a tile fireplace surround is the only part of your hearth that desperately needs improvement, the answer could be application of new tiles or adhesive paper. Tiles are available in a vast range of options. A more economical solution is to cover the existing tile with adhesive paper that has, for example, the look of genuine marble.

3-Reface the Brick

Eliminate the appearance of brick altogether by re-facing it. One approach is to build out a frame around the fireplace using wood. Install the stone or other material of your choice to achieve a total brick fireplace transformation.

4-Surround the Fireplace with new Built-in Cabinetry

A fireplace with aging brick could actually take on the perfect look if you completely surround it across the entire wall with tall wood shelves and cabinets underneath. Paint all of the wooden components over and beside the fireplace in the same color.

5-Frame out the Brick & Update Built-ins

You don’t need to keep components of your fireplace that feel like eyesores to you. If the glass doors, for instance, have an outdated look with brass, replace or remove them. In addition, upgrade the look by building a wooden frame around the fireplace, perhaps giving the bricks a new paint color. Update or add build-ins and use a uniform paint color on all of the wooden components.

6-Shift Focus to Art

Your fireplace may not be that bad but you prefer art to be the focal point of the room. Add art in a repeat pattern above the fireplace and on both sides of it. Paint the fireplace brick a dark shade that diminishes its appearance. Another approach is to cover the brick with a wooden surround that has fewer textural elements, to make art the main attraction.

7-Add Three-Dimensional Panels

Get rid of the mantel and customary added artwork altogether. Create an entirely new look by covering the entire fireplace, top-to-bottom, with a three-dimensional wall treatment.

fireplace insert renovation in conifer coWhere to go for Fireplace Remodeling

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